Ringbow – D-Pad On Your Finger, Literally


Ringbow’s concept is simple. Instead of lugging around a dedicated controller for your Android device, Ringbow lets you wear your controller on your finger. As we mentioned, it has a d-pad available, powered by bluetooth, and can keep you gaming for 5 hours.  For the fashion conscious, the Ringbow will come in a host of flavors to match your outfit.

The developers of Ringbow’s sale’s pitch:

Ringbow lets you free your fingers from your device, leaving your hands available to do whatever you feel like doing: eating a sandwich, drinking a beer, high-fiving your buddy or stroking a puppy. Whatever you’d choose to do with your hands!

While gaming and drinking sounds great, Ringbow is looking to go beyond simply controlling your games. As you can see in their concept video below, Ringbow is looking to enhance the actual games:

[youtube id=”4UYh52ChYGg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The company is looking for funding over at Kickstarter.com. A $45 commitment will net you a sleek black Ringbow  though additional support will open up an array of colors and other extras. With less than a month left and only over a quarter of the funds raised, if Ringbow’s concept sounds great to you, head down the link below to show your support.

Source: Ringbow

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