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The Android Arcade | Dead Trigger Update - Cures Buyer's Remorse With Free Stuff

Dead Trigger Update – Cures Buyer’s Remorse With Free Stuff


You read that correctly. Free stuff! To compensate players who purchased Dead Trigger while it costed $1, Madfinger Games will be giving them a choice of 25 free gold (which, even at the most expensive IAP, would cost 12 cents), a new weapon, the Alien Gun (which strongly reminds me of the Ray Gun from Call of Duty: Zombies) or 10 free Casio Chips. Personally, I’m going with the gun. 

Well, it’s better than nothing right? 

Thankfully, Madfinger Games‘ lackluster, yet appreciated, attempt to compensate players isn’t the only thing added in the update. To round out the rather extensive changelog from Google Play:

  • Reward for everyone who purchased Dead Trigger before the game became for free.
  • New story missions.
  • New weapon: ALIEN GUN.
  • Improved gameplay of protect missions.
  • New tutorial for beginners.
  • Improved MINIGUN and COLT-M4.
  • Increased reward in the Arenas.
  • More chance to win at the Casino.
  • Auto-aim works better when more enemies nearby.
  • Better ammo drops for everyone who use more than one weapon.

While there were a few added items, levels and guns, the update also appears to tweak the gameplay to make it more balanced, which is evident in the enhanced auto-aim and ammo drops. Although it wasn’t stated in our review, I always find myself running out of ammo for certain weapons. I just assumed I wasn’t playing very well, but it appears that it wasn’t just me. It’s always nice to see game developers take the time to refine their game after release and not just add new items to generate hype. Kudos to Madfinger Games for these tweaks and let’s hope they make an already outstanding game even better. Also, the update is numbered as version 1.5.0 and brings the Android version up to par with the iOS version 1.1.2.

That being said, new items and levels are also welcome. We already think Dead Trigger is superb and now it’s even better. If you haven’t already downloaded it, check out the download link in our App Widget below and give it a go!


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    alien gun is quite fun

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    You get all 3 its not a choose one


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