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Enjoy Best Android Gaming Experience, Download These Must Have Android Games


Share Want to have some great new Android Gaming experience on your Smartphone? Than have a look at these brand new Android games. Download,  play and enjoy! Death Shooter 3D It’s a first person shooter Android Game with some awesome graphics. Kill your enemies before coming in their line of fire. In Death Shooter 3D, you have ...

Top 10 Best Android Racing Games 2016


April 5, 2016 Here are the top must-have racing video games on the android platform. Dennis Patrick / Features / Android, Racing / Do you have the need for speed? Then chances are you’re looking for some fast and intense racing video games. Today we’re going to look at the top ten must-have racing titles that are currently ...

How to create an Android game with Stencyl – Android Authority (blog)


  Latest version of Chrome Dev removes “merge tabs and apps” option   LG G5 teardown shows it’s an easy fix   Huawei P9 and P9 Plus officially announced – specs and price revealed   Fairphone 2 impressions: an environmentally friendly, modular smartphone   Affordable Meizu M3 Note launches with fingerprint scanner and aluminum body   Huawei will finally sell its flagship phones in the US ...

Deal: Android Game Developer Bundle for $49 – 4/5/16 – Android Headlines – Android News


When it comes to developing Android games, it can be a bit of a daunting task, if you’ve never developed a game or even an app before. This Android Game Developer Bundle that we have on the Android Headlines Store is sure to help, however. We have 6 courses here in this bundle, which is ...

Top 20 Android apps and games of the month – from Doctor Who to Miitomo


Doctor Who, Miitomo and Clash Royale are among this month’s best Android apps. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Nearly eight years since the launch of the Google Play store, have all the good app ideas been taken? Nope. Every month throws up a new crop of interesting, inventive and useful (or just fun) apps and games. Here’s our ...

Android vs iOS: how they compare


Let me start with a simple truth, I am a fan of Android. I have such a passion for Google’s mobile operating system that I worked my way to a job where I get to play with Android all day, and share my experiences with you, our faithful readers. Today I am going to talk ...

Spellbinders is Kiloo's latest game and it is coming to Android soon – DroidGamers (blog)


Details Published on Monday, 04 April 2016 03:12 Written by Jaymes Carter Kiloo is primarily known for their gargantuan hit Subway Surfers. They have other really good games too. They plan to add to their impressive list of games with a new MOBA called Spellbinders. It will arrive for Android and iOS, April 28th.  Hot on the heels of ...

port eclipse android game for iphone –


The best and fastest is to start with an engine that is already cross platform. As you are are "almost finished", your options are to either work with your existing code base and build alternative code routes for whatever code needs to be changed, or to rewrite large portions to use cross-platform libraries and fill in ...

Final Fantasy 15 Mobile Tie-in Game Justice Monsters Five Coming Soon – GameSpot


Subscribe for the latest gaming news Following in the heels of Tetra Master from Final Fantasy IX and the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV will have its own minigame. But there's a catch, you'll be able to play this one on the go. Justice Monsters Five, coming soon to iOS and Android, will ...

Indie game République is a perfect primer for dystopian fiction


When the indie episodic game République launched in 2013, it was only available for smartphones. When the player starts the app, they receive a video call from a mysterious girl named Hope. She needs help and only you, the person playing the game, can provide it. The player’s phone has a unique connection to Hope’s ...

Sponsored Game Review: Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is an Android game designed for those that really, really enjoy working on beautiful HD jigsaws. There are 20,000 free jigsaw puzzles included here, with the ability to sign up and pay for many, many more that arrive each and every month for those puzzle fans. Players can even create their own puzzles from ...

Nintendo's first Android game Miitomo will launch in US & other countries on March 31 – 9 to 5 Google


The game is already available in Japan— that’s how Jeff managed to go hands-on in our first look video earlier this month— but today Nintendo confirmed that its first smartphone game, Miitomo, will officially arrive in the US on March 31st. The game isn’t exactly bringing over any of Nintendo’s very popular first party franchises to Android devices, ...

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